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Strategy for Management : Indian Civil Services

Mains only

Strategy for Management:

Roughly 40-50 mains candidates are writing with this optional. It is not the one of the most popular optional as opposed to optional like Geography and Psychology. Yet the popularity depends upon year to year basis. So, strategy for Management should be year neutral. The management portions covers two vital areas:

1. General Management and Organizational theory-paper I

2. Snapshots of different functional areas like finance etc. in paper II


1. Scores in last one year 2004 mains:

  • Desirable score: 320-325
  • Only 3 people crossed the 300 marks, only one person crossed the 350.
  • Highest Score was 356 in last year
  • In 2003 Mains: 352 highest; last 3 years declining trends in number of candidates.
  • From 2001- the syllabus changed with removal of one 60 marks questions with one practical question. Therefore now all questions in the papers are of theoretical nature.
  • Yet with intelligent handling-good scores can be obtained.

    Strategies to follow:

    1. Cover the full syllabus exhaustively: It is highly desirable

    2. Short notes on each topics

    3. Write crisply

    4. Give examples

    5. Maintain a list of cases related to each topic

    6. Don't show off your knowledge- theoretical reference should be given in a pointed and directed manner.

    7. Prepare with special focus: Organization Design and chapter one topics: key areas like nature and functions of management, organizational goals and newer organizational formats in 21st century.

    8. Write finance question only if conceptually very clear on that question.

    9. If possible, write at least one question from international trade.

    Books: Paper I
    1. Organisational Design: Khandwala; Madhukar Shukla (both)
    2. Organisational Behaviour: Luthans and Robbins- for some portions Blanchart is also good.
    3. Strategic Cost Management: Business Today supplements
    4. Economics: Any good economics book
    5. Management: Terry and Franklin; Koontz and Donnel ; Koontz and weihrich (any one)
    6. Strategic Management: Michael Porter's any one book (search Internet for his book list) and any one book.

    Paper II
    1. Marketing: Kotler and any one Indian author book(Saxena/Ramaswami etc.).
    2. Financial: Pandey/Chandra/Khan & Jain/Bearley-Any two
    3. Information Technology: Any good book which gives holistic view covering all the topics along with Internet based notes.
    4. International: Business Media and Government Rules on export procedures, transfer pricing etc.
    5. Operations: Adams/Taha
    6. HRD: Mammoria/Monappa/Prasad/Flippo-Any two.

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