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1 .  Subject : Query
Question : Question :sir I have done (Information technology). i have . wish to apply for upsc exam . but i am confused that it is eligible for civil engg, chemical engg, and mechanical engg. is it eligible for me as i am an Information Technology candidate. i need a suggestion for me. and early reply. thank you
-suresh yadav, (9/3/2012)
Yes. You can very well apply. If it is Civil Services, you may go with any subject.
If you are looking for IES, you may go with Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
If it is Forest Service Exam, you may go with Geology and Forestry.

2 .  Subject : IAS optional
Question : Respected sir, i'm MBA ,i want to know that which subject will be good for me for optional to prapration of ias exam. I'm graduate with economics nd gud in poltical science
-Vipul kumar, (9/3/2012)
You may go with Management and Political Science. OR Political Scienec and Sociology/Psychology.

3 .  Subject : Question regarding upsc educational eligiblity
Question : Sir, i have completed my BA degree from mumbai university in distance mode. Does upsc accept degree acquired through distance mode as eligible for exams@ ?
-Ashish yadav, (9/3/2012)
Yes. They will very well accept it.

4 .  Subject : IES2015
Question : Respected sir, i am a student of in electronics and telecommunication in second year with date of birth 30-08-1993 am i eligible for ies 2015?please give some suggestions to start its preparation from now to study subjects having concern with this subject?
-smriti mithi, (9/1/2012)
Yes. You may follow the General TIPs given in the site If you are the college level.

5 .  Subject : medium
Question : sir...i have a doubt regarding the it true that english medium is best for or good for upsc...because i m doing b.e. in electrical engg.. bt due to up board i want to take hindi medium can that medium affect my score....
-amit srivastava, (9/1/2012)
Yes. You are right. The success rate of English medium students are higher than the vernacular medim. If you can write in English, it is always better to go with English medium only.

6 .  Subject : Ias eligibility
Question : Sir i got a back in my degree bt later i cleared that.So plz tell me that m i eligible for ias?
-Ravi, (9/1/2012)
Yes. If you have got the degree, then you can very well apply for the exam.

7 .  Subject : Is open university is eligible for ips
Question : Hello sir, i have completed my BA in eiilm university in one year program, its a ugc apporoved university, am i el.hgible for ips
-kohilan, (8/31/2012)
If you have got the proper degree its ok. But it should be 10+2+3 degree type.

8 .  Subject : ias coaching
Question : sir i finished my graduation , and now i want to start preparing for civil services so please advise me that which coaching institute is best for preparation
-Rahul, (8/22/2012)
First go through the site for the preparation tips given in the site. If you are looking for good coaching Institute, one cannot give a blanket recommendation. You can join in an Institute, which must be repute and gave good results for the past 10 years or so like that

9 .  Subject : IES UPSC
Question : HI,SIR,i m complited my degree in ' COMPUTER ENGG .'so i m eligible the IES exam or not ?
-SUNIL KATE, (8/21/2012)
Yes. But, you may have to go with one of the optionals out of 4 core Engineering subjects.

10 .  Subject : botany
Question : sir,iam am bi.p.c student .i want to take botany or zoology as my optional subject but i have listened that in history and public ad we can score more marks is it real. sir plz suggest me which optional subject shall i choose plz
-siri, (8/21/2012)
Some extent true. But History is NOT doing well compared to Public Administration. BUT, it is true that the social subjects are doing well compared to Science subjects.

11 .  Subject : choosing of subjects in main as well option along with meadium
Question : sir i have completed M.A in public administration in hindi meadium before it i did B.Sc in chemistry now i am confuse that i should go which meadium and which subject out of sociology,geography , hindi literatur or other.thanks , anoop
-anoop kumar tiwari, (8/20/2012)
Sociology and Geography will be fine. English medium will be better, if you can write it in English,

12 .  Subject : UPSC/SSC
Question : Sir, i am from west bengal.i passed 10 2 from W.B.C.H.S.E board with 84% and i doing graduation from EIILM UNIVERSITY in distance mode.i will give 1st 2nd and 3rd year in one sitting in sept. 2012.CAN I SIT BOTH UPSC AND SSC EXAM??? Are there any problem arise in next future????
-suman laha, (8/20/2012)
Yes. If you clear the exam/degree, you can very well, you can write both UPSC and SSC.

13 .  Subject : query
Question : sir, is the ias mains pattern going to change in 2013 and what could be the possible changes??
-vinay, (8/16/2012)
Not yet known. It will be clear once the UPSC issues the notification for the 2013 exams.

14 .  Subject : UPSC Qualification
Question : Sir, I am gradut from Yeshwantrao Chavan Open University Nasik. Can I apper for IAS exiamination. for preparing general study Public Adminastration subject is benifical, Pl advice me
-Sambhaji Gaikwad, (8/16/2012)
Yes. You are very much eligible.

15 .  Subject : IAS exam
Question : sir I got Year back in my engineering can I appear for IAS exam. will there be any problem if I qualify??
-sandeep, (8/15/2012)
No problem.

16 .  Subject : preparing optional subjects
Question : sir, currently i'm in 2nd year and i want to pursue for civil services.For this i want to start my preparation now onwards, kindly suggest me the suitable optional subjects so that simultaneously i can handle my current education too.Also the given 50 queries and their replies have cleared many doubts of mine too,its very helpful...please do reply.
-shweta, (8/14/2012)
Just follow the steps/ TIPS given in the site.

17 .  Subject : UPSC Optional papers
Question : Sir, i am working in Banking domain in a IT company. I am in plan to choose Economics as an optional. Can you please precise pros and cons of choosing Economics as an optional paper.Many thanks in advance.
-Govind Prakash, (8/14/2012)
Economics is an average performing subject. If you are from the Economics background, it may be easy. But, normally even Ecomomics background students don't opt for it because of low scorability. It may be useful for General Studies but GS doesn't need much deep knowledge in Economics.
If you can meet some successful students from Economics background, you will get an idea.

18 .  Subject : ies exam
Question : sir , i m perusing b.e. from rgpv now i m in 4th year , i have subjests back in 1st year .can i give ies exams
-ankit, (8/13/2012)
You have to complete the paper before the exam.

19 .  Subject : IAS
Question : sir ,after 10th i have done 3 yrs diploma in e and c from a govt college an thn i take admission in ptu jammu there i get lateral entry on the basis of 3 yrs diploma nw i am graduate am i eligible for ias
-arti dhar, (8/11/2012)

20 .  Subject : Forgot the roll number of previous attempt
Question : Sir, I had attempted prelims 2009, but not cleared it and i had lost my roll number too, i had attempted 2012 prelims and expecting to clear it, my doubt is that in the mains form we are needed to fill the previous attemts roll number, so what should i do?
-Lakshmi C S, (5/28/2012)
Year is must. Roll number is not necessary.

21 .  Subject : Cut off estimate
Question : Sir, im a SC candidate and im scoring 196/400 in CSE 2012. Is there any possibility of me clearing the exam. Kindly also let me know the range of cut-off estimate for SC candidates. Thanks in advance!
-Aisha, (5/28/2012)
Yes. There is a definite chance. You may go with your mains preparation.

22 .  Subject : Time table
Question : Hello sir, As you are recommending to go for CSAT and GS preparation due to possibility of change in syllabus in 2013 so sir if I start preparing from July till what period I should complete CSAT & GS preparation considering the risk of optional incase of no change
-pankaj, (5/28/2012)
It depends upon one's ability to grasp the subject and memory pewer etc. But, normally it will take 3-6 months. But the GS can not be conquered.

23 .  Subject : upsc paper 1 prelims 2012
Question : dear sir i think i have not encircled the right circles below my roll number on my omr sheet,mine's roll no. was 467000 and i think i have filled the 999's inspite of the last 3 zeros(above the circles was a box for writing the roll no. ,which i entered correctly) dear sir do i stand any chance,please guide i will ever be thankful,with regards
-tabrez raza, (5/28/2012)
This will create problem for you as the coding is incorrect.

24 .  Subject : IAS
Question : sir, i want to ask that is csat exam will be in english only?
-ashi, (5/27/2012)
Both English and Hindi.

25 .  Subject : Querry
Question : Sir, is SMUDE (Sikkim Manipal University Distance Education) is Valied for UPSC Exams ? Can one appear for UPSC exams while on his/her final year of graduation ? Finally thank u very much since your answers are very benefecial.
-Upamanyu Bhagowati, (5/27/2012)
Yes. One can write exam during the final year also, provided he/she will complete the degree stipulated by the UPSC as well as fulfill the age criteria.

26 .  Subject : indian economic service
Question : Sir/Madam, can you please tell me what is the maximum number of attempts that a general caste candidate can make to Indian economic services.?
--, (5/27/2012)

27 .  Subject : Confusion with regard to pattern change in2013
Question : Sir I m getting sleepless nights thinking of pattern change dilama that's been created the upsc chairman says on thing minister answers in parliament in negation .what to do please help
-Dinesh, (5/26/2012)
Don't be like that. There will be a level playing field for all. Be relaxed and whatever comes, you ahould accept it. Be cool and prepare for GS, CSAT now for the time being.

28 .  Subject : Age criteria
Question : sir, My Date of birth is 31.08.1984 can i give UPSC 2013, if so how many attempts left for me ? Thanks
-karthikeyan, (5/26/2012)
Yes. and one more.

29 .  Subject : Change Of optional
Question : Sir, Once i chose optional for an attempt, whether it can be changed for the future attempt.Does UPSC have a record of optional change will it affect during personal interview?
-Karthik, (5/26/2012)
No issue. You can change in future attempts.

30 .  Subject : dout for IAS ,SSC
Question : Resprcted sir, I have completed my graduation in kanpur university through private bachelor of art (B.A).sir i think that its a recognized university..can i eligible in IAS and SSC entrance examination ...sir ur appreciation is helpfull to me ..
-shubhankar tiwari, (5/26/2012)

31 .  Subject : DOB
Question : Sir, Thanks for the reply ,this bothered me for the past few days Moreover as per the notification DOB as recorded in ssc/hsc ,as on the date of submission of applications will be accepted by the commission & no subsequent request for its change will be considered or granted Once DOB has been claimed by them & entered in the records of the commission to an examination,no change will be allowed subsequently (or at any other examination of the commission) on any grounds whatsoever Any variation found in DOB on verification,if any claims is found to be incorrect ,they may render themselves liable to disciplinary action It had been mistakenly done (14-11-1989(qoted)&13-11-1989(original DOB)) as per NOTE :no subsequent change will be cosidered or granted. Sir As u said it is possible, can u quote any instance regarding this ,well if the commission accepts it & if it doesn't what are the consequences i had to face (will they cancel my candidature on any grounds) and if i did'nt get any reply from them and i apply for the next year with the changed DOB in the form will they consider or reject the form if rejected will they inform if not how to approach Finally to which address or mail i had to send my details to the commission ,please help me out & once gothrough the NOTE part in the notification (as u said they will ask the originals is it a photocopy) waiting for your reply
-Uzwal, (5/26/2012)
Really speaking no idea. But, you can refer your own cas and it was not cheating and it was a inadvertent mistake by one day, so there won't be any problem. If you clear the exam, this may be a issue. Otherwise, this will not be a problem. BUT you can always inform this in advance to UPSC.

32 .  Subject : IAS pattern change
Question : sir 1) When exactly is UPSC going to notify whether the Mains pattern change is going to be implemented from 2013 or not? 2)Many coaching centres are actually starting coaching for various optional subjects for IAS 2013 from this month itself.Do they have any specific inside information or it is just a gamble?
-sourav, (5/26/2012)
Reall y speaking no one has any idea. It will be clear if the UPSC comes out with the Notification.

33 .  Subject : Dob
Question : Sir After attending the prelims i came to know my date of birth is wrong can i change it later (or) in next attempt ?and what are the consequences and how to get rid of this
-Uzwal, (5/25/2012)
Yes. UPSC will also find it when they scrutinize your originals. It is better to write UPSC that it was inadvertently happended. You had realized it now, so you are writing to UPSC for correction. So, it is better to inform them now itself. But they will ask the orginal certificates and they will only accept the SSLC/ HSC certificated DOB.

34 .  Subject : Indian Economics Services
Question : Dear Sir, I am a graduate in economics and have done my MBA in marketing.Am I eligible to write the exam for IES? Regards
-Karan, (5/25/2012)
No. You have to have Masters in Economics or Econometrics

35 .  Subject : Regarding eligibility for civils
Question : Sir,I am giving group1 prelims 2012,if i am selected in group1 and joins as employee,Is there a posibility to write civils in future?
-pranathi, (5/24/2012)
Yes. You can very well attend it.

36 .  Subject : UPSC(IPS) Berify the confusion
Question : Dear sir, I have BCA online degree . I am able to give exam of upsc(ips) if yes did i take the subject public administration
-Ajay, (5/23/2012)

37 .  Subject : regarding mistake done in exam
Question : sir,i did a mistake in prelims exam, that is when i am filling the candidate signature sheet i did a mistake when i am bubling the number which is given on my omr sheet instead bubling one number i bubled another number , after recognising my mistake i made bubling for correct number also , please tell me sir is there any problem ?i am so tensed regarding this sir please reply me as soon as possible.
-p.krishna veni, (5/23/2012)
No problem. Now, you can't help also. Hope that you have not changed the Roll number. Then, no problem for you.

38 .  Subject : Promotion from Group 1 to IAS
Question : Sir, Could you please let me know how many years of minimum experience needed for a Group 1officer to be promoted to IAS.Thanks in advance. I
-Naga, (5/23/2012)
Normally 12-15 years.

39 .  Subject : Query On Graduation
Question : Dear Sir, I have done my graduation in BA English from EIILM university through distance education. Am I eligible for appearing in UPSC???
-Dabbu, (5/23/2012)
Yes. If the degree is approved by the UGC.

40 .  Subject : am i eligible for ias 2013?
Question : sir, i am doing bba from ptu (4th sem),and my 5th sem will be on march and 6th on sep 2013. it means i will graduate before 2013 mains final. so am i eligible for ias 2013?
-nisha, (5/23/2012)

41 .  Subject : suggestion for choosing optional subjects for UPSC mains
Question : Sir, I am a student of BSc with chemistryµbiology. kindly suggest me which of the combination of optional subjets should I choose for UPSC mains
-durga devi, (5/22/2012)
Public Administration and Sociology/ Geography.

42 .  Subject : Ouery about filling wrong information in online nda form
Question : Sir tommorow i fill online form of nda but by mistake i fill my mother's name kusuk instead of kusum sir in future will i have some problem with it if i have them sir please tell me what i do
-Aashish saini, (5/22/2012)
May not be. But is always better to fill it without any mistake.

43 .  Subject : syllabus
Question : sir, could you please mail me the syllabus for Indian Information Service IIS exam.
-kunji, (5/22/2012)
There are two types of entries for IIS. One is through Civil Services, for that you have to write the Civil Services exam, the syllabus is the same for all services. Other is through SSC, you will get the syllabus in the SSC website.

44 .  Subject : how to crack the IAS
Question : respected sir, i completed my M.TECH recently with 70% marks..iam going to plan the civils and iam going to spend 2 years for civils..according to my financial reasons iam not able to go for coaching .....and i have the query that is this possible without get this which medium is best iam a telugu medium guy.....which subjects are good ..........
-santhosh, (5/21/2012)
You can very well do it without coaching also. English medium always bring good marks. It is better to go with Telugu medium when you can not even undersatnd English.

45 .  Subject : eligiblity
Question : dear sir i am from sc catagory and my DOB is 20/05/1978 can i appear the ias exam of 2013. will there any changes in age relaxasation in 2013.
-SEEMA MUJMULE, (5/21/2012)
No. You will be over aged.

46 .  Subject : CSAT 2012
Question : Sir, I have written this year 2012 IAS exam. I am expecting a score of 210/400(paper I and Paper II). Is there any possibility for clearing this exam Thanks, Nithya
-Nithya, (5/21/2012)
If it is the NET mark, then you will clear it.

47 .  Subject : query
Question : sir, i am a an engineering graduate. i have batcheler degree in electronical engineering . iwish to apply for forest setrvice exam . but i am confused that it is eligible for civil engg, chemical engg, and mechanical engg. is it eligible for me as i am an electrononical engg candidate. i need a suggestion as far as possible because the closing date for application is neerer. please provide an early reply. thank you
-ajay, (5/11/2012)
You are very much eligible. Only issue is that you have to go with two subjects, both will be new to you.

48 .  Subject : Quarry for civil exams
Question : Hello sir i completed my 10 from cbse in 2005 ,then 12 from nios in 2011 now i m graduation first year after graduation can i appear in exames of civil services
-Abhishek, (5/9/2012)
Yes after the graduation.

49 .  Subject : Validity of degree
Question : Sir,i have completed ba general course through distance learning medium from the global open university nagaland.Am i eligible for ias exam?
-Amrit ranjan, (5/8/2012)
Yes. If the course is recognised by the UPSC.

50 .  Subject : English for Mains
Question : Sir, How good one should be in English to score good marks in mains?.My English is not bad but at the same time it is not on the par with eminent people like newspaper editors.
-raam, (5/7/2012)
One need not be that much good in English Language. One should be in a posistion express his/her thought process in a proper form. Thats all. You can do it well. So, don't worry about this issue.

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